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  • How does AbFabLinks work?

  • AbFabLinks is like a cross between Google and Ebay.
    We are like Google in the sense that listing each of your offers on creates a separate backward linked page, accessible to Search Engines.
    The more offers that you list with us, the more backward linked pages you will have.
    But .... unlike Google we don't charge per click, you simply pay a very inexpensive quarterly fixed fee for your listing.

    See our AbFab price-scales.

    We are like Ebay in that shoppers can find bargains listed on and that shoppers can also elect to receive an email update whenever a new bargain, of interest, appears on site.
    And unlike Ebay - we don't have a constrained maximum time limit on our listings and we don't charge a commission.

  • Sellers F.A.Q's

  • 1. Where do listings appear?
    A listing creates a separate web-page, with a backward link to your site. The web-page concerned includes meta-tags (item description and keywords) which enables your listing to be found by Search Engines. You may also select up to two placement categories per listing.

    Your listing also appears on and automatically generates an email to shoppers who have registered an interest in your placement category.

    2. Why are backward links important?
    Backward links provide Search Engine Spiders different ways of getting to your website. S.E.O. consultants recommend that website owners should add backward links via online listing directories, such as, so that you can optimise your search results positioning by submitting your products and services to relevant categories of the directory.

    3. What is your definition of a bargain?

    A bargain is an item (goods or service) which is offered with a price incentive. For a more formal definition, please see our Terms and Conditions.

    4. Can I list an offer more than once?

    Yes, you may list as many offers as you wish. You may also list an individual offer as many times as you wish. Using different descriptions and keywords all help your offer to be noticed and each individual listing provides a separate backward link.

    5. My offer is an incentive rather than a value. How do I list it?

    Select the discount % type offer for BOGOFS and free gifts etc. Then simply list any free item at 100% discount.

  • Shoppers F.A.Q's

  • 1. Will it cost me anything to register with you?

    No, we do not make any charge to shoppers.

    2. Do you give my email details to the people who advertise on your site?

    No, we do not provide the contact details of the shoppers registering with to the suppliers of goods and services listing bargains on Should you wish to purchase any of the special offers listed, you will be directed to the website of the supplier concerned and they will then take your contact details so that they can fulfill your order.

    3. How do you know which bargains I may be interested in?

    We ask you for your shopping preference categories when you register. We will only send you emails about new bargains in the categories concerned.
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